SEO Tip #2

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According to Google, there are two distinct terms that are used to describe title-specific terminology in #SEO.

  1. Title link: what appears in Google’s search results
  2. <title> element: what is set in your HTML. Also commonly known as the “title tag”

There is confusion and strong opinions surrounding this topic, which is understandable. The term “title link” was recently introduced by Google to reduce much of this confusion, and I believe it does a good job at that. The term “title link” describes the function/location well.

SEO Title

It’s often not the content from the <title> element that appears exactly the same in Google’s surfaces. As you can see for Google’s own documentation, the 2 differ in several ways. The “link” component of “title link” also makes sense. When you hover over a SERP on desktop, you can clearly see that it is a link.

No term is going to be perfect, but Google’s suggestion does a good job of addressing the situation. This is especially true after the August 2021 update, where the dial for other input sources aside from the <title> element increased dramatically – where Google was increasingly using the H1, text within links, and more.

More details from Google on this topic.